Hi, I am a small batch traditional double-fermented raw vinegar made from 100 percent organic ingredients sourced thoughtfully. I sound complicated but I'm simple. However I do take time. Currently each 5 gallon batch is made, matured, and bottled in Red Hook Brooklyn. The whole operation in one person and so shipping from this website will be infrequent and your best bet is to find small local shops listed here or bug your favorite small business to email Chris....she also is slow (at returning emails). 


Try a splash of vinegar on cooked beans to add balance, or marinate fish to make a ceviche. I am here to enhance the flavor of dark leafy greens, raw oysters, beets, potatoes, or basically whatever you love to put in your mouth. I add brightness and minerals to soups, sauces, and salad dressings. You can drink me with water or with booze. 

I'M ALIVE! Made with a natural and nurturing "mother," so if one appears in the bottle, you can filter and discard it and continue to use, or let it be, they come in peace and mean you no harm.

thats fun....