Rose Vinegar

Rose Vinegar

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This is the new Panneer Rose sourced by Diaspora. 


From the source......"Your rose petals are organically grown by Parvathi Menon and her wonderful team on a 10 acre farm heaving with an abundance of bananas, limes, avocados and rain-fed turmeric in northern Tamil Nadu. After two years of trial and error, Parvathi finally figured out how to grow the queen of all roses - the Damask Rose (or Panneer Rose in Tamil), that whilst prized for being incredibly fragrant, is also known to be extremely delicate and very high maintenance, especially when grown chemical-free. Since the rose petals need to be processed everyday when they are perfectly in bloom, Parvathi designed an ingenious solar powered dehydration system that is just gentle enough to help the petals retain their deep colouring and lock in their renowned fragrance. We’ve been grinding small batches into our coffee beans, topping our desserts with these bursts of pink, and even steeping them in cream for a little floral joy in our everyday lives." - Team Diaspora 


Rose tea is rich in polyphenols, such as gallic acid, anthocyanins, kaempferol, and quercetin and used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat menstral symptoms. It's also pretty.


375 ml bottle with sugar cane recycleable cork