Kitchen Towel collaboration with La Réunion

Kitchen Towel collaboration with La Réunion


La Réunion made these exclusively for TART, using recycled fabrics sourced from vintage stores and estate sales. Sarah Nsikak embroidered the TART logo by hand. They also have a loop to hang. Each towel is unique and the stitching may vary. You may see some imperfections in the fabrics. They're cotton. 17x24 inches.


Only buy this if you are gonna use it to grab a hot cast iron, clean spilled wine and then whip snap someone in the buttocks. It's not precious. It's not meant to stay clean. 


All proceeds from the sale of these are being donated to Phoenix Community Garden Elder Box Program. Sale of each towel will provide two families with a box which contains fresh fruit, salad greens, the best seasonal vegetables, and aromatics and herbs for flavor.


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